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Llandinabo Farms

Welcome to Llandinabo Farms

Llandinabo Farms is situated in the heart of Rural South Herefordshire and extends to 344 hectares. The farm produces cereals, dried peas for human consumption, blackcurrants and cider fruit. There are 60 hectares of grassland, mainly permanent, which are utilised by the pedigree herd of Llandinabo Herefords.

The herd is comprised of entirely British Bloodlines from which all Herefords throughout the world descend.


We continue to breed for those qualities which have made the Hereford the most numerous beef breed in the world – it is the universal beef breed which has thrived in artic cold and desert heat: it is the breed on which the sun never sets. Its ability to produce high yields of meat off poor quality forage have made it the cornerstone of the beef industry of all the cattle raising countries of the world.

Such is the importance of conserving THE NUCLEUS STOCK of British Herefords that the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, an organisation with acknowledged expertise in the field of animal conservation both nationally and internationally has created a new category of livestock termed ‘Native Breeds’. The aim is to maintain the genetic diversity of the existing nucleus population of Herefords in the United Kingdom for future generations and to protect its integrity from commercial exploitation. The number of breeding cows is approximately 400 widely distributed thoughout the UK but in mainly small herds.

In 1996 The Traditional Hereford Breeders Club was formed and now numbers forty four members/breeders. The aim of the club is to foster and promote the characteristics of the original animals and to ensure that the present population is increased using the same policies as those breeders who made the breed famous in the first instant.
For information about the other breeders the club secretary can be contacted at the address below:

Mr David Fenton,
Honour Farm,
St Michaels,
TN30 6TJ
Tel 01580 762395
Fax 01580 764589

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